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Fabulously Fit Weight Loss Challenge!

This weight loss challenge is going to change your life!  Lori Sawyer and Caren McCormack will help you reach your goals!

Our goal through this challenge and after is to have you think a little differently about your overall health and life habits.  When it is over you will have learned new eating habits, understand calories in vs out, know when to eat, what to eat and also learn about portion control, nutrient dense foods and the evils of sugars! You will have lost weight, gained muscle and feel residential moving great.

What you will receive once you join:
-You will be supplied with a list of foods that are allowed and ones to avoid.
-New recipes each week to help you stay satisfied.
-You will get tips on when and what to eat.
-An understanding of why your fish oil and multi vitamins are so important to your health.
-A change in your workout routine to challenge your body in new ways  (consistency—“Not if I get to the gym but when I get to the gym…”  )  along with many other fun facts to help you truly live a healthier life.
Weekly Conference Call held on Tuesdays at 8pm (you will receive the number and code weekly once you register).  On these calls you will learn all about portion control, insulin levels, how to beat cravings, and we will go over basic menu guides to help you achieve your goals & some time to bounce ideas and concerns off each other in a group setting 

– Weekly weigh-ins 

You will weigh yourself each week and take a photo with your phone and text us your weight, remember  the honor system, you will only cheat yourself so be honest with your weight and measurements.  
Here is how the CHALLENGE PORTION works!!
We strongly believe this is important.  You want and need someone to hold you accountable for what you are doing…this challenge is it!!